Learning the perl debugger: Lesson 3


This post follows on from lesson 2 in this series of posts.

If you’ve followed the lessons so far you’ll have some basic knowledge around starting the debugger and examining variables.

It’s time to find out how to descend into the depths of some code, stepping into functions.

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Open Source

Asynchronous web services with PSGI and IO::Async

Some of our internal web applications are low-traffic enough that a preforking server can handle them without difficulty. Some others, on the other hand, can really benefit from a non-blocking implementation, so that each server process can serve multiple requests “at the same time”, by working on a request while waiting for other services to return data for other requests.

Up to now all our non-blocking web services were written for the JVM, usually with the Akka framework, but I wanted to see how hard would it be to build something similar in Perl.

Turns out, it’s not very hard at all, if you use the right libraries and pay attention at a few tricks.

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SBJson4: Don’t make me wait! (… for my content)

Last week, I went to give a talk about SBJson (an Objective-C library for JSON parsing and writing) to the London iOS Developer Group. They meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the Regent Street Apple store for technical talks, followed usually by a social event at a nearby pub. In my talk, I tried to explain why I think SBJson is still relevant—even after Apple added native JSON support to iOS 5 in 2011.

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