The Ideal Agile Board

What does your ideal agile board look like? Simple: one that dispenses Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee for free. Unfortunately, the recent meeting of the London Agile Discussion Group considered more process-driven matters around how a good agile board should look.

The original plan was to discuss each other’s boards, but we decided that this was too problematic due to everyone’s implementation being tailored to their own circumstances: some don’t code review, some have separate testing and UAT instances, some use e-boards, et cetera.

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Drinking tea at NAP with Bungle, Zippy and George

A few of us at NAP take tea drinking very seriously.

Personally, I’ve instigated and run tea rounds throughout my career, but it’s only while I’ve been at NAP that I’ve realised what’s been missing. While discussing whose round was next in our IRC chat room #tea, we came up with the idea of a tea bot. The notion of this is not completely novel, and there are apps available to determine who should make the next round. The trouble was, we felt they lacked the rules, features and ease of use that we wanted.

Some of the features we wanted included:

  • Easy maintenance of tea rounds
  • Fair tea-making system
  • Element of surprise
  • Able to deal with people being away temporarily
  • Support for volunteering to make a round

So, we created Zippy, Bungle and George (depending on who in the tea round is running the bot). Adam got us started, Pete made significant contributions and I wrote some tests.

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