Testing and Impostor Syndrome

The story of women in Tech is a big one at the moment. We’re told that the number of women in technical jobs is actually dropping and there’s a lot of concern. I’ve worked in Tech since I graduated, in a variety of roles. I’ve been a developer, a BA, a tester and am currently working as a test manager. I wouldn’t say that I’ve met a lot of blatant sexism, but I’ve definitely felt its subtle effects. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is how my experience as a woman in tech can feed in to my experience of being a tester out-numbered by developers.

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Scala at Net-a-Porter

Recently, Ariel announced that we will be presenting our experiences of using Scala at Scala eXchange 2013. We will save all the best bits for that talk, but suffice it to say we have really enjoyed working with the language. Scala is increasingly being adopted at NET-A-PORTER for new projects, and we have been working to ease the transition in a number of ways:

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