London Mobile Forum 2.0

On April 3rd, I went to Shoreditch Works Village Hall for the London Mobile Forum 2.0 hosted by Facebook. It was a single-room, single-track, “intimate” affair with only about 60 attendees, and I enjoyed it immensely.#

It kicked off with registration and breakfast from 9:30. Alan Cannistraro took to the stage and laid down some house rules, before we leapt straight into the morning session. This was followed by lunch, and then an afternoon session, followed by drinks in a pub next door at Facebook’s expense. The format for both morning and afternoon sessions were like this:

  • 5 speakers took turns spending a few minutes each to present a topic they wanted to discuss.
  • Everyone split into groups discussing the topic closest to their heart.
  • The original five speakers now took turns going back up on stage and presented a summary of the discussions, followed by a feisty Q & A session.

I think it was a really engaging format for a conference, though it does require participants to take an active involvement. Also, given the focus on group discussions it is difficult to see how it can scale to bigger conferences, but it worked really well at this scale. It could be a great format for local user groups.

Here are the morning session’s speakers & topics:

  • Jenny Yuen – “Building playful interfaces on Android”
  • Sarah Dattani – “Emerging Design Patterns (Android)
  • Carl Harroch – “Build tools and Automation”
  • Savvas Dalkitsis – “Hiring Mobile Talent”
  • Miguel Serrano – “X-platform Development”


  • Scott Goodson – “Asynchronous UI on iOS”
  • Graham Lee – “Mobile software testing”
  • Pedro Morais – “Weekly App Release Cycles”
  • Lucas Rocha – “Interaction between design/engineering teams”
  • Thong Nguyen – “Automating SDK generation”

In the morning I was torn between Sarah’s and Savvas’ sessions, but ended up going to the former. In the afternoon session I started out in Scott’s group, but moved to Pedro’s as I felt I had more to contribute to that discussion.

I understand the presentations, though not the group discussions, were filmed and I believe these will be available publicly shortly.

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