Polymer in Production

As the Experience and Insight Team moved towards an atomic design methodology, we wanted to follow their lead within the front-end development team. This led us to stop thinking in terms of building web pages, and to start thinking of building components.

Over the summer of 2015, the NAP Tech team started to revamp the NET-A-PORTER product page with this concept in mind. However, it wasn’t until Engineer Matthew Green returned from Google I/O that we really started making this a reality.

We launched the new Product experience mid-October, and after the dust settled we felt we had something to offer the community. Three of the team spoke at Web Components Meetup (London), covering how we went from Web Components novices to deploying Polymer on a large scale in production.

We would like to thank the Polymer team, who have been amazing. They not only helped us with questions we had about the platform, they also featured our product page at Chrome Dev Summit.

As we mentioned in the talk, we are now working to improve our existing Polymer estate, releasing new features and components. We will be updating the blog with articles about our roll-out strategy, as well as adding more in-depth Polymer articles. For now, though, the slides of our presentation are available here:


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