About Fabio Ponciroli

Fabio is a Senior Software Engineer at Yoox-Net-A-Porter Group where he works in one of the backend teams mainly responsible for the catalog API used by the different e-commerce sites of the company. He has extensive experience in working with Perl, NodeJS, Scala and related ecosystems. He is originally from Milan in Italy where he got his master degree in Telecommunication engineering at Polytechnic of Milan. He spent a number of years working in Milan as a consultant in the telecommunication industry. During this time he worked for various companies including Vodafone, H3G, FastWeb. In 2007 Fabio moved to London and has work in different companies, from start-ups to corporates. Github: barbasa
Continuous Delivery

Jenkins Pipeline on your Local Box to Reduce Cycle Time

I recently got the chance to present at Jenkins World 2017 in San Francisco with Luca Milanesio from GerritForge. The talk was about how we used Jenkins to reduce the life-cycle of software development in our team (video of the talk can be found here).

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Perl and the Elasticsearch percolator



For our most recent hack day, I worked with my colleagues Antonio Barone and Nelio Nunes to implement an alert-me-when function for our site. In production, we use Solr at the moment as the search engine to serve our frontend. Unfortunately, implementing alerting functionality with it means you have to go down a do-it-yourself route.

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