About barbmk

I'm a Spanish/Argentinian analyst that works as Senior Web Analyst for Net-a-Porter. I'm also co-founder of a group of women working in digital called the Madrid geek girls, and part of the organisation committee of MeasureCamp Madrid and MeasureCamp Barcelona. MeasureCamp is an open unconference about Web Analytics. If you want to know more about digital and web analytics (and learn some Spanish :-) ), check the 2 blogs where I collaborate: WebAnalyticsymas.com and madridgeekgirls.es

Our very first Analyst Community Unconference

In July 2015, the very first NET-A-PORTER Group Analyst Community Unconference took place at our offices in Westfield. We set up to provide the opportunity to share knowledge and to meet other people within the company that, like us, work with data. The event’s objective was to mark the starting point of the first community of analysts within the NET-A-PORTER Group.

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