About Dan Ashby

Dan Ashby is a Software Test Analyst working at Net-A-Porter, with over 8 years of experience in the testing industry and a passion for Exploratory Testing. Find him on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielashby), Twitter (@DanAshby04) and his personal testing blog (http://danashby04.wordpress.com).

Manual Testing and Automated Testing – the myths, the misconceptions and the reality…

There are many misconceptions in the software industry regarding both Manual Testing and Automated Testing. Some people believe that Automated Testing is the bee’s knees and exists as a replacement for Manual Testing. Others believe that Manual Testing is a simple set of step by step tasks that anyone can run through to check an expected output, and that it’s dying out.

The truth is that both are very important and necessary; they go hand in hand and complement each other. The bottom line is that in order to produce the highest quality app, you should have a strong manual testing element in place alongside utilising an automated framework.

So let us start by explaining a little bit about Automated Testing…
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Using an “Exploratory Testing” Approach in Net-A-Porter…

What is Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing is an approach to testing. Traditionally, testing has always had a “scripted” approach, where tests are planned based on a list of requirements supplied by the business stakeholders, and these scripted tests are written long before any software is even written. Although this might be useful in some circumstances, and scripted tests are still used in some circumstances within Net-A-Porter (in the regression team for example), it can be painful to use a scripted testing approach in other situations (like when testing new functionality in the streams). Continue reading