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Senior Technical Architect - www.mrporter.com

Why a killer Google PageSpeed score isn’t the end of your optimisation challenge

We don’t like testing the patience of our customers. So, like most e-commerce businesses, the technical performance of our site matters.

Measuring performance has become a core part of our development process. But occasionally it feels we focus too much on one specific metric; our Google PageSpeed score.

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Web Technologies


Originally a guest post on the Google Developer Blog (James Christian and Scott Seaward, March 2011)
In this post we share our experiences developing for this platform – as well as highlighting special considerations for end-users and our video production process.

We’re going to cover:

  • The Concept
  • Our Technical Approach and Challenges (For the devs)
  • Our Design Evolution (For the designers/UX)
  • Video Production Considerations (For the producers)

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