Six Years Later

I joined NET-A-PORTER on 6th November 2006. A lot has occurred in the time since I joined the company and I’d like to share with you some of the things I remember from my time here.

This doesn’t reflect the full history of the last six years, and only represents my thoughts on some of the amazing things I’ve seen since I joined.

The Early Days

When I first joined, there were three other permanent Perl developers, and one contractor. In my time at the company, the number of Perl developers has grown to over two dozen. To me, it feels that every time we grow the team to meet the business’s needs and wishes, they come up with even more needs and wishes. I’m not saying this is a bad thing — if they ever run out of wishes, I need to start looking for a new job!

The technology stack wasn’t too shocking for its time, and definitely no shocks for a Perl application:

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The Ten-Minute Thinking Rule

What’s the problem?

This idea was shared with me during a retrospective session at $employer when I was expressing some frustration at people starting to:

Ask first, think never

I’m at least as busy as the next person, and I have my own mountain of work to complete. Despite being regularly cantankerous, grumpy, cranky and disagreeable, people still come to me with a variety of questions … I think I have a good combination of detective skills, google-fu and luck that makes me appear more magical than I really am.

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