Performance testing images from a customer perspective

Recently we moved Net-A-Porter to use a dynamic product image service created by our Product Management team. Not only will it allow us to improve our customer experience but it will decrease the time to get products to market.

MRP (Mr Porter) and TON (The Outnet) had already implemented the system but at NAP (Net-A-Porter) we were waiting for a few additional features, and also see how it handled the other brands.

Previously NAP had all of the image assets mounted to the web servers with a CDN sat in front, allowing for them to be served extremely quickly. We wanted to make sure that the service creating and storing the images for us wouldn’t degrade performance for our customers.

We wanted to be able to collect performance metrics to compare NAP image performance to the other brands. I created a simple tool to test different image requests in bulk and collect the average response time.

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TDD, BDD, and specs2: A testing strategy for Scala

Here at YOOX NET-A-PORTER, we think that testing is an important part of a modern development process. As a new starter in a team working on Scala APIs that provide up-to-date shipping options information, I wanted to write about ideas we’ve discussed on how we write test code. Writing good test code can be as much of a skill as writing good application code, and our team have been looking at tools and frameworks to help us with writing the most readable, reliable and efficient test code that we can.

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Lessons From Continuous Delivery and the Pipeline Conference

"Sponsor: NetaPorter" by Chris O'Dell is licensed under CC BY 2.0"

“Sponsor: NetaPorter” by Chris O’Dell is licensed under CC BY 2.0″

What Is Continuous Delivery?

Here at Net-a-Porter we take our software delivery very seriously, and are moving increasingly towards Continuous Delivery. For those of you who have not heard much about Continuous Delivery, or want to learn more then I’d certainly recommend reading Jez Humble’s website Continuous Delivery, and in particular taking a look at the Visualisations of Continuous Delivery which really help explain what it’s all about.

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The Product Management team recently built a new Catalyst Perl application and we wanted to ensure that we would maintain a high level of code coverage in our test suite. This seemed like an ideal opportunity to use Devel::Cover; we currently use Jenkins to build all our branches, and Devel::Cover allows us to integrate easily with Jenkins to run the coverage report after each build.

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Testing and Impostor Syndrome

The story of women in Tech is a big one at the moment. We’re told that the number of women in technical jobs is actually dropping and there’s a lot of concern. I’ve worked in Tech since I graduated, in a variety of roles. I’ve been a developer, a BA, a tester and am currently working as a test manager. I wouldn’t say that I’ve met a lot of blatant sexism, but I’ve definitely felt its subtle effects. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is how my experience as a woman in tech can feed in to my experience of being a tester out-numbered by developers.

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