NAP::Messaging – glue and policies for interacting with ActiveMQ

As part of our service oriented architecture, our Perl applications send messages over ActiveMQ; a few of them also consume those messages and act on them.

All these consumer applications are based on Catalyst. Initially, we used Catalyst::Engine::Stomp and a rather complicated set of in-house libraries to wrap it.

Those in-house libraries have, in time, grown to incorporate more and more responsibilities, including testing, logging, message serialisation, plugin loading… it was time to break them apart and write something cleaner.

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NAP::policy: an introduction

What is NAP::policy?

It’s a pragma, or a “policy” module, to help people at NAP write more
uniform code.

The module itself is equivalent to a series of use statements,
that are considered “a good idea” for our needs.

The distribution also contains a few more “good idea” modules, that
are not tied to any particular application, but can help developers.

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