As the leader in luxury fashion, media and commerce, THE YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP sets the standards for style, engagement and, most of all, customer service.

But there is another use of the word fashion that also applies to THE YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP: to fashion means to create something distinctive, with care and ingenuity. That is the kind of fashion this blog is about.

It is about everyone who works behind the scenes at THE YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP: who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It is a showcase for our talent, our work and our attitude. It is a demonstration that the style and intelligence of THE YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP’s sites are more than skin-deep. And it is somewhere where we, as enthusiastic professionals, can share our knowledge and experience with wider technical communities.

We hope you enjoy this insight into how THE YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP works behind the scenes, and we hope to show you why it’s such a great place to work.


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